What is MainStreetMail?

MainStreetMail is an online application that lets anyone create opt-in email newsletters and marketing campaigns.

Do I need a customer list to start using MainStreetMail?

No. MainStreetMail has a list builder feature that allows you to gather email addresses from visitors to your website.

How long does it take to get started?

You will be up and running within one business day.

How many subscribers can I have per email list?

There is no limit to how many subscribers you may have per email list.

Does MainStreetMail sell customer lists?

No. MainStreetMail is a permission-based email newsletter system and our anti-spam policy prohibits using the service to send unsolicited messages.

How long do messages take to send?

Most messages are delivered in minutes.

Are undeliverable messages going to come back to me?

No. Bounced messages are dealt with by the system. Invalid addresses are removed after four consecutive bounces.

Can my customers reply to me?

If you like. You have a choice of whether or not to accept replies from your list.

Is technical support available?

Yes, free telephone support is available to customers.

Can I use my own HTML designs?

Yes. MainStreetMail allows you to import your own HTML code.

When an email is sent, can subscribers see who else is receiving it?

No. Only the recipient’s email address will appear in the header.

How do I know when a message has been sent to the entire list?

As soon as the send is initiated, a detailed real-time report is generated showing number sent, opened, forwarded, and other details including opt-outs and link tracking.

Do you have preformatted templates?

We have a number of preformatted html templates that can be easily customized. In addition, when you sign up for the MainStreetMail service, our graphic artists will design a custom newsletter masthead for your organization.

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