Email Deliverability and Spam

Improve deliverability while reducing spam


Professional email marketing campaigns are only successful if they reach the target audience. Using HTML, we are capable of reaching most email platforms, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Lotus Notes, and iPhone/iPod.

Bounce Management

Every now and then, emails don’t go through. Called bounces, these emails are tracked and monitored automatically. Hard bounces, which are all recipients with non-valid addresses, will be removed from the list and other types of bounced messages, or soft bounces, are monitored.

Anti-Spam Policy

MainStreetMail and Winstanley Partners do not tolerate unsolicited email correspondence and will terminate the account of any customer found to be using our service for spam. If you have received spam from a MainStreetMail account please notify us.

To protect you from the appearance of spam, all messages you send with MainStreetMail will have your organization’s name in the “From:” field and will include an unsubscribe link at the bottom. You should be certain that every recipient on your list has either opted in directly or has otherwise provided their email address to your organization for purposes of contacting them.

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