Design Appealing HTML Emails

Feeling creative? Use one of our free templates to design your own emails, or let us design a custom layout for you! Our easy-to-use visual editor makes designing your own unique emails simple.

Automated Email Marketing

Set it and forget it! Create and schedule automatic emails and subscriber triggers in just a few clicks.

Social Media Integration

Why not increase your social media presence while you’re at it? Integrate social media into your email campaigns with built-in Twitter and Facebook icons.

Segment Your Subscribers

Get the most out of your campaigns with the option to segment your email list based on subscriber data and actions.

Reporting & Analytics

With built-in reporting, you can easily collect response data, such as the number of reads, clicked links, forwards, number of unsubscribers and more.

Numerous Campaign Types

With a wide array of options, you can create a campaign best suited to you. Send a simple one-time email, set up auto-responders, perform split testing, and even deliver birthday emails.

Email Testing Tools

Make sure it’s perfect before you press send! Test how your email is going to appear in various email platforms before you deliver.

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