List Management

Email Address List Management in MainStreetMail

Administer (and Cultivate) Your Subscriber List

With MainStreetMail, you can build your email list and manage your subscribers more effectively. MainStreetMail will help grow your address list and can even customize your email marketing for greater results.

Learn more about individual subscribers

Get to know your subscribers with MainStreetMail’s tracking and reporting services. See their subscription history and which actions they’ve taken, learn what campaigns they’ve received and get information about what campaigns that you should send them in the future.

Import Your Existing Subscribers & Customers

With the option to import subscriber information, you can now customize your recipient list to best suit your needs. Include information such as birthdays, country, gender or purchasing histories to further segment your customers’ information.

Create Custom Subscriber Fields

Storing and managing subscription data has never been easier. Create custom fields to store subscriber data such as drop downs, text fields, and radio buttons. Your data can then be segmented within your individual campaigns.

Add Subscription Forms to Your Site

Increase the amount of subscribers by adding subscription forms to your business’s website. Subscription forms can be customized and branded to match your existing web design for seamless integration.

Segment Your Subscribers for Targeted Campaigns

Send campaigns targeted to specific list segments that group subscribers according to various profiles, history and actions.

You can segment your subscriber lists in a variety of ways, including email addresses, names, custom fields, clicked links or list subscriptions.


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