Campaign Types

With a variety of different options to choose from, MainStreetMobile has what you need to make your mobile campaign a success.

  • Alerts and Blasts – Blasts are text messages sent to people registered through your advertised web widget and campaigns. These messages can say anything and are capable of receiving replies from recipients.
  • Keyword – A mobile marketing keyword is a word people text to get information or to opt-into a campaign.
  • Voting and Polling – A Voting or Polling message requests that a user provide feedback or reply with a choice of several options. Once users reply with their responses, they can then be further targeted with follow up messages by segmenting them into groups.
  • Auto Responder – An Auto Responder Campaign is a feature that allows you to send “timed messages” or canned responses such as reminders and coupons to a group of participants.
  • Surveys – With a survey campaign, you may choose to create a string of related questions to gather information about customers’ experience and preferences.
  • Text2Screen – Text2Screen campaigns allow users to participate in an interactive forum. They may post questions or comments, which are then compiled into a thread, formatted and projected at an event.
  • Text2Win – Contests and Sweepstakes campaigns are ideal uses for Text2Win. With this type of campaign, a winner is selected when a campaign ends. Special messages are then sent to the winner and other participants.
  • E-Giving – Users can opt-in to give money directly to charitable causes and organizations. Donations can be single donations, multiple serial donations, or opt-ins to an SMS subscription to the cause where further requests for a donation can be made. Mobile donations can also be enabled for websites.

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